Let’s say you went out and bought the most expensive, top of the range pair of goggles on the market. They’ve been given the seal of approval by Phelps himself, and you’re ready to start training. That’s when you realise that after only one lap of the pool, they’re already leaking. When this happens it can be easy to assume it’s the fault of the goggles (and in some cases, it may be), but even the best models out there won’t do you much good if they aren’t also the best fit.

If you’ve been having this problem and are ready to throw in the towel, first, check out our top tips on how to find swim goggles that fit. We’ll help make sure you’re wearing them properly, allowing you to make the post of your time in the pool.


Fitting Swimming Goggles | The eye piece

The first thing you’ll need to do is ensure that the eye piece is the correct fit. To do this, place them over your eyes without using the strap. Press down gently, checking that the silicone seals feel secure and in the correct place. You’ll know that they’re a good fit if you can take your hands away and the goggles stay in place for a second.

Swimming Goggles that fit over glasses?

Something we get asked quite a lot is whether you can get swimming goggles that fit over glasses. Unfortunately this isn’t available at the moment, however, it is possible to get prescription goggles from your opticians if you didn’t want to wear contacts.


Fitting Swimming Goggles | The strap

It would be natural to assume that it’s the strap that ensures the best fit for your goggles, but really all it should do is comfortably hold them in place while the seals do their work.

A common sight at the pool are the hordes of people with red rings around their eyes from their goggles – but if that happens it’s a sign that you’ve made the strap too tight. You don’t want to feel too much pressure from the goggles around your eye sockets – try adjusting the straps so you can figure out what feels best. For all our long haired swimmers out there, we’ve designed our goggles with an anti-tangle strap so you won’t have a battle every time you want to take them off!

Goggles Nose Bridge Replacement

Fitting Swimming Goggles | Nose bridges

You may be wondering how it can be possible to get the best fitting goggles when everyone’s face shape will be different. It’s true that there’s no “one size fits all”, which is why all our goggles come with interchangeable nose bridges so you can adjust to your preference. The way to work out whether you have the correct nose bridge is if it is wide enough to make sure that both eye pieces completely cover the eye area, without going too far to the sides of your head.

So now that you know how to fit your swim goggles, you can spend more time enjoying your swim without the hassle of constantly adjusting them. Both our adults and kids goggles are designed in the same way, so you can use this checklist to make sure the whole family are as comfortable as possible in the water.


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