How do I remove the nose bridge?

With the Goggles turned so the inside is facing you.
Do one side at a time, apply firm pressure on the side of the nose bridge to release the current nose bridge. Do this on both sides and then fit with the new nose bridge.

To learn how to easily change the nose bridge on your goggles, the video below shows how to:


Changing the nose bridge

Is it safe to wear contacts with swimming goggles when swimming?

If you’re going to swim while wearing contact lenses, the best way to reduce your risk of eye irritation and infection is to wear waterproof swim goggles.


Where can I get the best goggles for competitive swimming?

Our goggles are used by competitive swimmers for everyday swimming and competitive swimming.


How to find a suitable pair of swimming goggles that fit me?

To test the fit of a pair of goggles, lean all the way forward with your face toward the floor, and press the goggles over your eyes to form a seal.


How can I care my swimming goggles?

After swimming make sure to rinse your goggles in cold fresh water. Rinsing off the chlorine and pool chemicals will help prolong the life of your goggles.


How do I prevent my swimming goggles from fogging?

We have introduced the advanced anti-fog technology to our swimming goggles so they do not fog.


Why can’t I focus underwater without swimming goggles?

When you are underwater, the water will press against your eyeball, so the index of refraction changes and can affect you being able to focus.


Why wear swimming goggles ?

Most pools use chlorine, which is hard on the eyes. Even salt water pools, which are easier on the eyes, can be irritating, especially if you are swimming laps or are in the pool for a long time. Goggles help reduce eye irritation while maintaining clear vision.