How do I remove the nose bridge?

The nose bridge is easy to remvove and replace, it just takes a bit of gumption!
With the goggles turned so the inside is facing you, firmly press out the nose bridge. Do one side at a time and apply firm pressure on the side of the nose bridge to release it from the eye piece. Do this on both sides and then fit with the new nose bridge.  Again, do one side at a time and press firmly.

The video below shows how to do it:

Is it safe to wear contact lenses with swimming goggles when swimming?

Yes! If you’re going to swim while wearing contact lenses, the best way to reduce your risk of eye irritation and infection is to wear waterproof swim goggles as these give you more protection.

Swimfreak goggles are great for contact wearers, but don’t take our word for it, The Evening Standard rated our Beachchrome goggles their favourites.


Where can I get the best goggles for competitive swimming?

Our goggles are used by competitive swimmers for everyday swimming and competitive swimming.


How to find a suitable pair of swimming goggles that fit me?

This is often a case of trial and error.  As there isn’t a standard size and shape of head, there isn’t a standard goggle.  Goggles come in a surprising number of shapes and sizes and you may have to hunt down the most suitable ones for you.

The important thing is FIT.  To test the fit of a pair of goggles, lean all the way forward with your face toward the floor, and press the goggles over your eyes to form a seal.  If they stick to your face when you stand up, they are a great fit!

Swimfreak goggles come with a spare nose bridge that allows you to slightly alter the size of the goggles.

You can also adjust the size of the strap at the back.  We recommend loosening the strap before you first try on the goggles and then tightening it until its just comfortable.  This is so much easier than squeezing on the googles and then loosening them up when you’ve got a headache!

Worried about buying the wrong ones?  Swimfreak goggles have a hassle free returns policy, so you can buy, try, test them for fit and send them back if they aren’t suitable.


How can I take care of my swimming goggles?

Rinsing off chlorine and pool chemicals will definitely help prolong the life of your goggles.  After every swim, just remember to rinse your goggles in lukewarm water and leave to dry. Do not leave in your swim bag. Do not use soap to clean the goggles as this will affect the anti-fog coating.

Keep your goggles out of direct sunlight when not in use, as this can weaken the material.

Do not rub the inside of the lenses as this can scratch them and may rub off the anti-fog coating found on our goggles.

Keep them in the protective case that your goggles will arrive in.


How long does a pair of swimming goggles last?

If you are a keen swimmer, you may need to replace your Swimfreak goggles approximately every 6 months. Chlorine can eventually break down the material causing the goggles to lose their seal. However, if you use our preventative measures to look after your goggles then this will extend their life.

How do I prevent my swimming goggles from fogging?

We have introduced the advanced anti-fog technology to our swimming goggles so they do not fog.


Why wear swimming goggles?

There are a number of reasons for this.

Perhaps the most important reason is that they protect your eyes.  Most pools use chlorine, which is hard on the eyes. Even salt water pools, which are easier on the eyes, can be irritating, especially if you are swimming laps or are in the pool for a long time. Goggles help reduce eye irritation while maintaining clear vision.

They also help you to focus underwater.  When you are underwater, the water presses against your eyeballs.  This changes the index of refraction and can affect your ability to focus.  Goggles reduces this pressure and allows you to see underwater more clearly.