How do I remove the nose bridge?
The nose bridge is easy to remove and replace, it just takes a bit of gumption. Follow our easy steps here.

Is it safe to wear contact lenses with swimming goggles when swimming?
If you’re an avid swimmer who wears contact lenses, getting in that quick dip becomes a bit more complicated, but doesn’t mean you should miss out!

Read our advice for wearing contact lenses when swimming.

How to find a suitable pair of swimming goggles that fit me?
Finding goggles that fit snugly and comfortably can be a case of trial and error, have a look at our recommendations for finding the best fit for your goggles.

How can I take care of my swimming goggles?
Your goggles are definitely worth looking after as they will last longer with a bit of care and attention. We have some quick and easy tips for ensuring yours stand the test of time.

How do I prevent my swimming goggles from fogging?
Foggy goggles aren’t something you’ll need to worry about with our Swimfreak goggles. Find out why here.

How long does a pair of swimming goggles last?
If you’re a regular swimmer, many factors can affect the life span of your goggles. Read on to find out how regularly we think you should replace your goggles.

Why wear swimming goggles?
Other than the fact our Swimfreak goggles are devilishly stylish, there are many reasons to wear goggles!