How do I find a suitable pair of swimming goggles that fit me?

Goggles hanging on a tree branch on the beach

Finding goggles that fit snuggly and comfortably can be a case of trial and error: as there isn’t a standard size and shape of a head, there isn’t a standard goggle. Swimming goggles come in a surprising number of shapes and sizes and you may have to hunt down the most suitable ones for you.

The important thing is FIT. To test the fit of a pair of goggles, lean all the way forward with your face toward the floor, and press the goggles over your eyes to form a seal. If they stick to your face when you stand up, they are a great fit! Your goggles can only keep water out if they make an airtight seal with your face.

Everybody’s face is shaped differently, so goggles that work for your friend may not work for you. Generally, Beachchrome fit an adult’s head, but if you have a smaller body size, you might find Sharkfin is a better fit for you.

Swimfreak goggles come with a spare nose bridge that allows you to slightly alter the size of the goggles.

The other important adjustment is the size of the strap at the back. We recommend loosening the strap before you first try on the goggles and then tightening it until its just comfortable.  This is so much easier than squeezing on the goggles and then loosening them up when you’ve got a headache!

Worried about buying the wrong ones?  Swimfreak goggles have a hassle free returns policy, so you can buy, try, test them for fit and send them back if they aren’t suitable