How do I remove the nose bridge on Swimfreak Swimming Goggles?

All of Swimfreak’s goggles come with two different interchangeable nose bridges, to ensure that your goggles can be the perfect fit for you. The nose bridge is easy to remove and replace, it just takes a bit of gumption!

We have an easy to follow tutorial on our YouTube channel linked below, but for those of you that prefer to read instructions – see our handy step by step guide below:


Step 1. With the goggles turned so the inside is facing you, hold the lens and the nose piece firmly. Pull the nose piece up and in on each corner. This will take some effort to do so do not worry about using slight force!


Step 2. Take the nose bridge of your choice (Swimfreak offer a small and large sized nose bridge) and align all four corners with the gaps.


Step 3. Press each corner in firmly until you hear an audible click. Your new nose bridge will now be firmly in place and ready to be worn when swimming