SilverSlick (Black) Swimming Goggles

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Looking for goggles as adventurous as you are? Try out our SilverSlick triathlon swimming goggles – now available in striking black.

Comfort and security are key for triathletes, so we designed our triathlon goggles with these two things in mind. Comfort is provided by soft silicone seals, keeping your goggles watertight whilst ensuring they’re easy to wear. Our goggles also feature easy strap adjustment, so you don’t have to worry about keeping them in place as you focus on your swim.

Tested against EU standards to ensure excellence, these goggles are of truly Olympian quality. Advanced technology lenses provided 180 degree vision in every scenario, whilst anti fog technology and a mirrored UV system enable crystal clear vision on land and in the water. Plus, the extra wide curved lenses make these perfect for open swimming.

Take your triathlon game to the next level with our SilverSlick triathlon swimming goggles in striking black.

Purchase a pair today and you’ll receive a free:

– Robust case

– Nose clip

– Ear plugs

– Interchangeable bridges

All our goggles are suitable for men and women.


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20 reviews for SilverSlick (Black) Swimming Goggles

  1. R. G. Gray

    New to swimming so not much to compare these too. They are comfortable and keep the water out of your eyes when swimming as opposed to walking around down the street, unless it’s raining I guess. I suppose they are a bit tinted so you could use them as sun glasses and looking at what people wear these days no one would question your out there style.
    Hell why not go the whole hog and wear a swim hat, some people wear tops so tight and short showing of their bulging Abb they may as well be in a swim suit.
    So you could even use these as eye protection from potential over strained buttons I don’t think they meet safety standard so don’t sue me if your blinded.

  2. PMG

    Fabulous goggles – will be buying more!

  3. Chelmsford1

    I swim regularly and have purchased numerous Speedo googles (presuming they must be the best). But I am often disappointed by the fact that they fog up inside easily and you have to stop every few lengths to sort them out. So after reading good reviews with these Sharron Davies googles, I thought I’ll give them a go. The first pair arrived and as I got them out of their case a plastic bit broke off and I thought “here we go, a rubbish pair of goggles that I have to return.” I did return them immediately and a replacement pair was sent out straight away. I am delighted to say that after several weeks of use these googles are excellent and the best I have ever had. The clip strap makes them SO easy to put on. They never fog up or let water in. I put the broken plastic bit on the first pair down to a one off bad pair in production and recommend these googles 100%.

  4. Kurt

    Great goggles, very comfortable, didn’t fog up. With the addition of the ear plugs and nose clip, well worth the money

  5. EI Camino Real

    Best I’ve had over many years. Very comfortable, fog free and good visibility all round.

  6. Amazon Customer

    These googles unfortunately don’t work for me, the largest nose piece isn’t big enough for my head and the nose bridge digs into my nose.

  7. Richard

    Very good, no panda eyes. comfortable.

    The middle bit does sometimes annoy my nose but not all the time. Have to make sure I get the placement just right.

    Vision is good on the whole.

    Much better than my old swimming goggles.

  8. Amanda Stephenson

    I’ve just started swimming to keep fit, these goggles do not let any water in, brilliant, they come with ear plugs and nose clip, No water comes in at all I would not be without them and would buy again

  9. John Kicinski

    First pair of goggles in over 20 years with memories of a leaky ill fitting childhood model. No such issues here, nice snug but comfortable fit with no leaking. Easy adjustment.

  10. Amazon Customer

    Great quality product

  11. Amazon Customer

    Not used them as of yet, so cannot say how effective they are, seem good quality, nose pieces are a bit fiddly to change but are a good idea so as to get the best fit.

  12. Judith Lambert

    Comfortable and watertight sturdy goggles

  13. James Allen

    the bridge was two small

  14. Simon

    These are great. Should have bought a pair years ago!

  15. Katya Lightbody

    A friend recommended these goggles to me for my 8-year old son. He is quite fussy with such things, but these are brilliant! They don’t allow water in and even he rated them an 8/10! As a parent, I have tried many different types to suit my son, but I will definitely be sticking with these. Can’t fault them!

  16. Alan McMillan

    Goggles were comfortable, look smart and no leaks when worn properly. Came with noseclip and ear plugs, tried both and they both get used every time I go to the pool now. The noseclip helped a little with an allergy I had to the chemicals in the pool.

  17. Dadfydd

    – TrustPilot Review

  18. Moshe

    Very satisfied with the product, and the price seems quite fair, but Royal Mail lets the service down.
    – TrustPilot Review

  19. Amy

    In reply to Moshe

    Thank you for taking the time to leave a review of your experience shopping at Swimfreak. I’m really sorry for the inconvenience you have had with the delivery of your order. Your issues will certainly be addressed to improve our services.

    Kind regards

    Amy, Team Swimfreak

  20. Micheal

    Good service, product looks good as expected, and good quality of vision in the water. Great choice.
    – TrustPilot Review

  21. Marcus

    I bought a pair of Silver Slick swimming goggles from Swim freak as they looked great on their website.

    Unfortunately when you wear them they are fantastically clear ABOVE/OUT of the water however UNDER water they are totally blurry (as if you are not wear goggles at all)….now since the whole idea of wearing goggles is to be able to see underwater, this is a major problem.

    Having emailed and spoken to swim freak directly they still haven’t got back to me with a solution…..


    – TrustPilot Review

  22. Amy

    In reply to Marcus

    We appreciate you taking the time to leave this review, Marcus.

    Sorry to hear about your disappointment. I’m glad we managed to get in touch with you to rectify the issue, a replacement pair has been sent out for you & a refund has also been issued. I hope the next pair work better for you!

    Your feedback is very valuable and your issues will be addressed to improve our services.

    Kind Regards,

    Amy, Team Swimfreak

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