Why wear swimming goggles?

There are a number of reasons to wear swimming goggles:

1. One of the most obvious reasons is that they will help you see underwater comfortably! If you’ve ever tried swimming underwater with your eyes open, you’ll know that your eyes aren’t well designed to see/work underwater! Goggles enable us to see better and gauge any upcoming walls or obstacles.

2. Perhaps the most important reason is that they protect your eyes.  Most pools use chlorine, which is hard on the eyes. Even saltwater pools, which are easier on the eyes, can be irritating, especially if you are swimming laps or are in the pool for a long time. Goggles help reduce eye irritation whilst maintaining clear vision.

3. They also help you to focus underwater.  When you are underwater, the water presses against your eyeballs. This changes the index of refraction and can affect your ability to focus. Goggles reduce this pressure and allow you to see underwater more clearly.